Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Nearly there... the new setup in situ.

As a compromise for the time being, I decided to set-up the new CGE mount inside my observatory using the tripod.
I chopped my existing pier off, leaving enough to act as a key for a new pier later on. I measured it all out and made some holes in the floor. I then placed concrete blocks under the holes for the legs to sit on. What a game that was phew!
It seems quite solid though, he mount weighs a ton, so its not going anywhere.
I then fastened one of the the tripod struts to the old pier stump with some large jubilee clips to stabilize it.

It's quite frightening to sit under those weights when the scope is on the other side. If one of those fell off and hit you, you're dead!

Just need clear night now to polar align etc.

BTW. these strange pics (first two that is) were taken with my Canon 50D using a 18mm lens and mosaiced/bent in CS4. Hence the strange fish eye appearance. See, don't need expensive wide-angle lenses, just very expensive software ;-)