Monday, July 06, 2009

Losmandy Dovetail.

Finally got my dovetail. Which I bought from OPT. No fault of theirs, really good service.
Cost me a small fortune in the end with import duty and postage :-(

Chunky old piece of metal (alloy) though. Its also quite tricky to mount on the scope as well. The dovetail has a very fine tolerance, and because of that, you have to offer the scope into the saddle from the bottom and slide it up!

I wonder what it's like to do this with a 14" :-0
I'll find out one day. I just need to re-mortgage my house, carry on working until I'm 75 and sell some of the grandchildren ;-)

Oh! BTW, I had to buy another 25lb weight to get balance as well.
Mass & inertia, I'm beginning to understand the meaning of these words now.