Thursday, January 26, 2006

Saturn on the 25th Jan... err I don't think so!

Isn't it funny. I looked out last night about 10:00pm and it was perfectly clear. So I put all my gear on and collected all my equipment and went out to do some observing.

Now that I have my scope setup in my new observatory, it only takes about 10mins to get everything setup. And would you believe it, the minute I put the EP in the scope and started looking through, it started clouding over. Timed down to the second.

I still managed to do some observing of Saturn, (it's amazing how much you can see, even looking through what looks like very dense clouds), but I really wanted to capture some video, because it was a lot clearer than it had been on previous nights.
It was not to be. I stayed out for another hour or so waiting for the clouds to clear, but they didn't and that was that.

So here's a detailed drawing that I did instead:-