Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Saturn on 24th Jan 2006

Here is Saturn again, but taken under worse seeing
conditions than the 21st. I processed the image straight after
I took it, and by that time (an hour later), the sky was completely
fogged over. I think a small amount of fog/mist helps though to
stabilize the seeing. But the gain of the Toucam had to be
increased to about 75%, hence all the noise in the lower image.

The top image has wavelet processing and some colour
correction/noise reduction/sharpening in Paint Shop Pro.

The middle image is straight out of Registax with no processing,

The bottom image is an average single frame taken from the
3000 frame AVI file. Some were lighter and some darker.

Best 40% again, using 4xImagemate, Toucam Pro...
and Registax/Paint Shop Pro.