Sunday, September 05, 2010

I need to get out more!

I also need to get to some darker skies. Here in Wiltshire we have some very good dark sky locations.
I hope to get out a bit more now that I have a new powertank from Maplin.
My old Celestron powertank is knackered, It never charged very well using the supplied PSU that came with it and I haven't used it for over 3 years, hence the battery is completely flat. A naughty No No! when it comes to lead acid batteries.
I sourced trying to get the battery replaced but it would have cost about £30... the Maplin unit is only £34, so it's "a no brainer".
Handy for me Doh!

We're on holiday soon in darkest South Wales in a place called Amroth. I'll be taking my old AS-GT mount and Takahashi to have a go there. Only problem is there'll be a full Moon about, but it'll be interesting to see what I can get.
I must go to a star party one of these days, if I can just get over my anti-social tendencies.