Monday, May 31, 2010

M13 through Takahashi Sky-90

I just bought a new T-piece coupler for my Tak. I had been using the incorrect nose-piece connected to the EP holder before now, see below.

So here is a full frame of M13 as my first test image.

48min, bias, flats and darks. No guiding 45sec subs.

50% reduced:-

Cropped 70% :-

Here are the bits:-
This is the correct configuration, which gives the correct FR distance.

and this is the old setup:-

The rings fitted together:-

The separate pieces:-

These items were obtained from Green-witch.
CA35 Camera Coupling No 30 - Ref. TAK-TKA35201
Wide T-Mount No 33 - Ref. TMW0004 (not available in Europe, but made up by Green-Witch)
I know that this all looks a bit mundane, but it taken me ages to sort this out without resorting to buying something from the states.