Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mars 30th Jan 2010

Very cold again last night but clear throughout. The seeing was quite strange, very high frequency shimmering is the only way I can explain it.
I also cleaned my corrector plate before the session, that was fun in the freezing cold, trouble is I've got some stuff on the other-side of the glass as well. So I'll have to dismantle it completely and deal with that at a later date.
I checked the collimation as well, but since the seeing wasn't that great it's very difficult to tell.
This image was taken at the end of the session, I used my usual 5x Powermate with the filter wheel on the end of it, I also used a barlow extension tube to give it a bit more mag.
Here's a short video showing the type of seeing, 5x Powermate through IR filter, SKYnyx 2-0M.
As you can see Registax does an amazing job.