Thursday, April 23, 2009

Major upgrade - Phase two - Takahashi SKY-90

Here's my new wide field scope, the Takahashi SKY-90.

I'm not going to do an in-depth review here, just some general observations.

Great service from Green Witch, good price as well as it came with the clamp, which is important for balancing. If you're going to spend a couple thousand you want the right stuff.

It was well packed in a triple boxed box. Although Green Witch did inspect it before sending it out.

First impressions out of the box... wow! This is a class act!. It feels really well made. I'm scared to touch it. The adjustments are so smooth and the fits are perfect.

I managed to bolt the clamp to my spare AS-GT small dovetail bar and stick it on the mount. There seems plenty of room for balancing once a DSLR camera is slung on the end, it feels just right.

Shame its cloudy tonight, although I did have a quick look at next doors TV aerial... and very interesting it was too.