Tuesday, December 02, 2008

M45 from CN

Here is my M45 processed by Eric Jacob from the Cloudy Nights forum.
Thanks Eric, and everyone else who had a go.

Eric's workflow:-
Here's what I done did to it in Photoshop CS:
1. Set the black point using Levels.
2. A slight Curve on the red channel to kill a little of the skyglow.
3. Noel Carboni tool: Color Blotch Reduction. It didn't do much, not much blotchiness there to start with.
4. Horizontal and Vertical Banding Noise Reduction (also a Carboni tool, also didn't do much).
5. Peter's Astro tool: Darken Background.
6. A slight Curve to regain some brightness.
7. Peter's Astro tool: Star Trail Elimination.
8. Carboni tool: Space Noise Reduction.
9. Resized to 700 pixels and Saved For Web at 72 percent quality.