Wednesday, June 18, 2008

OT: New/Old ISP and network stuff.

Netgear wireless router and cable modem from Virgin Media & Netgear Gigabit switch that I bought for fast access between machines.

I signed up to a new ISP today, Virgin Media. Well, before I went to AOL ADSL I was with NTLworld, who were taken over by Virgin. So I'm now back with them... whoever they are.

The link is a bit zippier on Fibre Optic compared to ADSL, I'm too far away from the exchange in town for a decent ADSL speed.

I used to get 512kb/s on ADSL, now I get below with Virgin on cable... when the wind is in the right direction that is :-)

Good site for checking your ISP SPEEDTEST.NET
You'll be suprised!