Friday, May 23, 2008

OT: Good read.

I just thought I'd mention a book that I've read whilst on holiday in North Wales the past week;
On the Moon: The Apollo Journals by Grant Heiken and Eric M Jones.

I must admit though, I'm slightly biased, I did some work for Eric and the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal a few years back and I've always been a space nut, in particular an Apollo Moon landings space nut.

This book is a concise account of the Apollo Moon landings, the technical practicalities and geological knowledge that has been gained since the flights over 30 odd years ago. All the Moon landings are covered, just like the ALSJ website, but instead of including all of the astronauts transcripts, it picks out the most interesting aspects of the flights with up to date commentary from most of the Moon walkers.
An excellent read.

Below are a couple of the landing sites that I've imaged with my C9.25.

Apollo 15 & 17 landing sites.