Sunday, December 17, 2006

Saturn: re-processed

Slightly better seeing tonight, compared to the previous few weeks. However, there is still a lot of jetstream interference causing the image to go out of focus. I also found after taking these images that my collimation was a bit out, but, by the time I fixed it, the seeing was really bad, and my corrector plate was dewed over. So I called it a day... at 5:30am... sleeeeeep :-)

The top image was taken with my 4 x Imagemate (great lens) and reduced to 80% to make it a bit more snappy.
The lower image was taken with my 2.5 x Powermate (another super lens).

Sorry if the images look a bit dull, but at this point in time Saturn is dull, it's a long way away. The colours are almost what you see, looking through the scope.