Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cleomedes from 10th Sept 2006

Cleomedes is a prominent lunar crater located in the northeast part of the visible Moon, to the north of Mare Crisium. It is surrounded by rough ground with multiple crater impacts. The irregular Tralles crater is intruding into the northwest rim. To the east is the Delmotte crater. North of Cleomeses is a triple-crater formation with Burckhardt crater occupying the center.
The outer wall of this crater is heavily worn and eroded, especially along the southern part of the wall. The 'Cleomedes C' crater lies across the south-southwest rim. The crater floor is nearly flat, with a small central peak to the north of the mid-point, forming a linear ridge toward the north-northeast. There are several notable craterlets on the floor, including a pair of overlapping craters just inside the northwest rim.
A rille named the Rima Cleomedes crosses the northern floor, running southeast from the northwest rim. This rille branches in a fork after crossing the crater mid-line. Smaller clefts lie in the southeast part of the floor.