Saturday, December 03, 2005

Bob's Knobs

I just got a set of Bob's Knobs from the States.
I managed to install them in about two minutes, by pointing the scope down, and taking out and replacing one screw at a time.
I then roughly collimated by standing about 5 feet from the scope and looking with one eye until the mirrors were straight. As per instructions from 'Bob'.
I've just been out tonight to do a more precise collimate. First thing... it wasn't far out anyway, but! using Bob's Knobs is a dream. I know that you are not supposed to use a diagonal. But with it, I managed to collimate by just looking through the EP and twiddling the 'Knobs'. It was bloody great. You can tell precisely how tight the screws are, and can get a real feel for it.
It's gone cloudy now, so I wasn't able to finish the job, but it should be piss easy from now on.

Thanks Damian Peach for the suggestion.

and Bob for the knobs.